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Advertising With Misfit Wedding

Our alternative wedding directory is FREE, however acceptance is limited to businesses we believe offer something truly different to the traditional wedding bleurgh.

Why is the directory free?


We toyed with the idea of charging for this, but noticed from looking at other wedding directories that the direction of the website can become compromised.

We want to stay on track, we'd rather stay ALTERNATIVE and provide an amazing selection of unconventional wedding suppliers, than chase a quick buck and risk becoming... bland.


It doesn't help either of the people we are trying to help with this website.

We want to support small businesses and creative individuals so charging them to be part of our plan makes no sense.

Likewise, we want couples looking for interesting wedding items to be able to afford them when they find them. If we were charging our suppliers and taking money out of their pockets for a bit of marketing, then guess what….. their prices would go up and the wedding budget takes an unnecessary hit.

What about ad space outside of the directory?

Simply put, we scrapped all paid ads.

Pretty much for the reasons mentioned above.

We know what direction we want Misfit Wedding heading in and we feel we lose our integrity a little when we give up a bit of our site for a handful of cash.

How about sponsored blog posts?

Again, we'll never take any money off you for running a feature.

If you have something awesome you think would make an interesting blog post for our audience, contact us and if we agree we'll make it happen.

Do you do reviews?

We soon will be!

If we're sent stuff and we like it, we may review it.

Hopefully this approach works for everybody. And keeps costs down for both vendors and grooms and brides-to-be.

We do have various affiliate agreements, without them Misfit Wedding would not be viable.

We have an international readership but the largest portion of our readers are based in the UK. Our readers are looking for alternative wedding ideas, from clothing to photographers.

Other websites cater for more traditional weddings, here we promote individuality and subcultures & interests such as Gothic, Steampunk, Rockabilly etc. As well as these niche categories, our visitors are also looking for inspiration from more mainstream areas, such as Vintage.

If you feel your business can offer something for couples planning an unconventional wedding, then you may well be a good fit for Misfit Wedding!

Your business does not have to be directly wedding related, if we feel what you do would be of interest to our alternative audience, we will definitely consider it.

If you'd like to be considered for any of the above options, drop us a message and we'll get back to you ASAP!