Misfit of the Month

Every month we feature a Misfit of the Month. This is where we turn the spotlight on someone we have plucked from our directory of unique and inspiring UK businesses, someone who goes above and beyond to ensure your special day is alternatively special!

Shimmering Ceremony

december 2016

After a short break we're back with another Misfit Of The Month feature. We've delved into our directory of alternative wedding suppliers and selected Shimmering Ceremony to take the spotlight this December. If you want awesome wedding stationery, keep reading!

Always Alternative

october 2016

My signature range are my Horror Heart necklaces which are all hand sculpted from polymer clay and come in a range of themes. I also sell classic TV and movie inspired image bracelets, necklaces, resin pieces and framed TV and movie inspired hand made plaques.

Dolly Cool

september 2016

I am passionate about my interests, and I think that it shows in my work. I love everything about the Rockabilly/Rock and Roll lifestyle, Darker Sci-fi B-Movie and Zombie imagery, and super cute Japanese Kawaii Culture. Dolly Cool is a real mixture of all of those things!

Lipstick and Curls

august 2016

Our pick for August's Misfit Of The Month is Lipstick and Curls! If you want a stylish look for your wedding day then these are the people who can make it happen, especially if you're thinking of rocking some retro with vintage hair and make up. Find out everything you need to know right here, right now.

Paper Bouquets

july 2016

We have delved into our pool of awesome wedding suppliers and selected Paper Bouquets as our Misfit Of The Month for July. If you're thinking you don't want real flowers for your bouquet, buttonholes etc, then this is a good place to start your search for something different!

Leon Simmonds

june 2016

Who doesn't love magic?! We spoke to Leon Simmonds for our Misfit Of The Month feature this month. There are magicians...and then there's this guy, who has his own unique style which goes down a bomb at weddings!


may 2016

This month we have selected Firewhite for our Misfit Of The Month feature. Keep reading to find out more about their unusual jewellery which includes some awesome handmade wedding and engagement rings.

The Dark Angel

april 2016

For our Misfit Of The Month feature this month, we're thrilled to turn the spotlight on The Dark Angel. Prepare to be transported into a magical world, where your wedding outfit fantasies could just become reality!

Boot and Hammer

march 2016

If you're looking for an unusual wedding ring then you're going to enjoy this month's Misfit Of The Month. We have chosen Boot and Hammer from our directory of alternative wedding suppliers, so that we can find out a bit more about these eye catching rings from the skilled individual who makes them.

Mindpipe Weddings

february 2016

This month we are showcasing the work of Mindpipe Wedding and Event Stationery in our Misfit Of The Month feature. The two crazy talented individuals behind the operation produce some supercool work based around the personalities and interests of the couples they work with.


january 2016

Jamlincrow is our first Misfit Of The Month for 2016. Take a look at the Steampunk jewellery and enter our competition to win a pair of watch movement cufflinks!

Love Me Do Designs

november 2015

For our Misfit Of The Month feature this month we're going to take a look at some fantastic wedding stationery which will add some personality to your wedding plans right from the get go.

The House Of Mad Lucy

october 2015

With Halloween just around the corner we've chosen a designer who isn't afraid to play around with skulls, pulled teeth and body parts in her work to be our 'Misfit of the Month'! It's not all about the horror though as a more playful side reveals some wonderfully whimsical and strikingly original creations.

Lyndsey Clark Boutique

august 2015

Our 'Misfit of the Month' for August creates unique and beautiful outfits which certainly have the 'wow' factor!

The Artful Doodler

july 2015

We’d like to introduce our ‘Misfit of the Month’ for July, please welcome The Artful Doodler

The Elusive Rabbit

june 2015

Our 'Misfit of the Month' for June is Elusive Rabbit. If you like shoes and you like something a bit different, then keep on reading! We spoke to Cheryl about what makes her unique brand so special...

Jackdaw Decor

may 2015

For May’s instalment of our regular Misfit Of The Month feature we’re taking a closer look at Jackdaw Decor, we quizzed owner Ali on her wonderfully unique business, keep reading to find out what she had to say.

American Dreams

april 2015

Your wedding vehicle is an important part of your day and shouldn’t be overlooked. It’s a great opportunity to add that ‘wow factor’ to the occasion and show people what you’re all about. This month we’re going to open your eyes up to some of the more unusual vehicles you can hire that are a cut above the usual wedding cars you’ll have seen.

The Navigatrix

march 2015

This month we’re going on a tribal steampunk adventure with Sally-Ann, owner of The Navigatrix. So if you’re planning a steampunk themed wedding or you’re curious to find out more about this fascinating subculture, read on!

French Made

february 2015

This month we have turned the spotlight on the fabulous French Made for our Misfit Of The Month feature. If you like a bit of cake and you want something special for your wedding day, then keep reading!

I Heart Buttons

december 2014

The months are disappearing so quickly we’ve hardly got time to stop and smell the flowers, however we’re doing just that with our Misfit of the Month feature for December. This month we’re finding out a bit more about leading button bouquet company I Heart Buttons.

Misfit of the Month

Shimmering Ceremony
Shimmering Ceremony


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