Black Wedding Dresses For Alternative Brides

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Today we're going to take a look at a selection of black wedding dresses.

We quite often get asked "Where can I find a black wedding dress?", so here are a number of suggestions, with links to the suppliers, to help you track down your black gown!

We're not just talking Gothic wedding dresses either. It's possible to sniff out options for boho brides, 50s fans, steampunks...... we've got classy, we've got sassy and they're all kickassy!

Wedding Dress Fantasy

The photo above is from Martin and Alli's Halloween Wedding, which we featured on our blog a while ago. Alli told us she wanted a "Gothic Princess look" and her black dress from Wedding Dress Fantasy ticked all the right boxes and looked perfect on the day!


KMK Designs

Alice Corsets

You can see a stunning pink and black Alice Corsets dress being worn at Katrin and Maik's Dark and Elegant Wedding


Cathy Telle

Ela Siromascenko

La Belle Fairy

Sara Gambarelli



Make My Dresses

Romantic Threads

Sarina Poppy


Lyndsey Clark

Take a look at our interview with Lyndsey Clark if you want to see more of her dresses and find out about her work processes etc.

Hollie x Kate

Lace Marry

French Knot Couture

We'll leave it there for now, if you still can't find what you're looking for feel free to zap us a message, or better still join our Facebook group and post a question, there are plenty of alternative dress makers and other brides to help you with your quest!

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