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Game Of Thrones Wedding Ideas

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The wait is very nearly over, in a couple of days Game Of Thrones will be bursting back on to our screens and if you're not excited about that then you should probably consider committing yourself to the local psychiatric hospital. Just saying.

We've seen a few Game Of Thrones themed weddings in the past couple of years and we're hoping to see plenty more. The BBC even covered this GoT wedding in Herefordshire last year.

Game Of Thrones wedding party at Eastnor Castle

Darren Prew & Kerry Ford as characters Jon Snow & Daenerys Targaryen. Photo by Geoff Caddick.

We've been sniffing around the internet to see what we can find for couples thinking about incorporating some Game Of Thrones elements into their day. Beware though, for as we all know, when you play the game of thrones, you either win.... or you die. So between us we'd better get it right!

Let's kick things off with these killer Iron Shoes by Nixxi Rose. They caused quite a stir on our social pages when we shared them recently and it's easy to see why...

While we're on the subject of Iron Throne inspired items, if you have a wedding budget of £20,000 you could blow the whole lot on this full size 160kg replica throne. Yes, we did just say twenty thousand pounds!

Life size fibreglass replica of the Iron Throne from the TV series

Made by robots, bought by.....nobody? The £20000 Iron Throne.

Let's look at some more realistic touches you can add to your day. Etsy is always a fantastic place to start your hunt for interesting, unusual and affordable items. How about a Dragon Claw necklace, fit for a Khaleesi...

Dragon claw necklace closeup and stills of original being worn in the Game Of Thrones TV series

Made by Little Wolf Cosplay, York, England.

These GoT table placement cards look the business, each bears the sigil from one of the houses in the TV show. People you like on the Stark table, people you don't like on the Lannister table? You decide!

Game Of Thrones wedding table placement cards scattered on tables

Handmade in England by In My Heart Designs.

For the groom, best man, ushers, father of the bride and other shirt-wearing guests you can find such things as silver plated House Lannister cufflinks.

Silver cufflinks with house of Lannister sigil, lying on a table

House Lannister cufflinks made by Blue Agave Studio.

Or maybe one of the boys fancies them self as a member of the Night's Watch, in which case this etched sterling silver ring by Laura B Jewelry is the thing for them!

Closeup of Nights Watch etched silver ring

You know nothing, Jon Snow.

Who wouldn't want Daenerys Targaryen as their bride on their wedding day? How can you go about achieving that look though, how about this dress from Pungo Pungo?

Girl outdoors in cosplay Kaleesi dress and wig

Rocking up with a dragon on your shoulder is another way to ensure everyone understands you are in fact the Mother of Dragons...

It's best to be prepared at weddings, if it's all getting a bit much and somebody's driving you bonkers you need a plan, that's where a Sansa Stark inspired poison necklace comes in very handy! You'll soon have your Joffrey wannabe writhing around on the floor, leaving you to enjoy the rest of the day ;)

Silver necklace with blue screw-on poison chambers!

This necklace can hold liquid, just like the original!

Another site worth checking out for unique items is Not On The Highstreet, we must have done half of our Christmas shopping there last year! This cute little brooch is made by Kate Rowland Illustration.

For the wedding cake we suggest you go big or go home. Well come on, if you're having a Game Of Thrones wedding then you obviously don't do subtle. The example below features swords, dragon scales and even a map of Westeros.

Game of Thrones cake on stand in woodland

Or you could opt for something more rustic if you're striving for authenticity, like a naked cake by French Made.

Rustic wedding cake

Winter is coming.

We're thinking perhaps a woodland setting for the ceremony? Arnos Vale have a great outdoor venue for a twilight wedding.

You could easily conjure up the right atmosphere here.

Outdoor twilight rustic wooden wedding venue with subtle lighting

Or, of course, there's the aforementioned castle idea as a venue or another fitting location would be by the sea, like this venue in Devon which is accessible via a tunnel cut through the rock.

Wedding ceremony between the rocks by the sea

You could almost be in Kings Landing looking out towards the Narrow Sea.

Well, that should have given you a few things to think about. We'll leave you to it for now, but be sure to follow us on Facebook for more Game Of Thrones finds!

No need to thank us for giving you a hand...

Hand of the King, Game Of Thrones pin

You can even find the odd GoT gem on Amazon, like this Hand Of The King pin.

....it's been our pleasure. We're off to watch series 4 as a bit of a refresher to get us in the zone for series 5 which kicks off here on Monday!

"Never forget who you are, for surely the world won’t. Make it your strength. Then it can never be your weakness. Armour yourself in it, and it will never be used to hurt you." - Tyrion Lannister

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