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Halloween Wedding Songs Playlist

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If you're planning a Halloween wedding, or even just a Halloween party, then you're going to need some killer tunes to set the mood for an evening of spooky celebrations!

The Misfit Wedding team have been compiling a playlist for your listening (dis)pleasure. You can find the full selection of terrifying tunes on our Youtube page and Spotify playlist.

Here are 10 songs off our list to get you in the mood...


To start things off we have the playfully creepy This Is Halloween written by Danny Elfman for Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas film. Surely there can't be many people who don't love both the film and it's most famous song. Marilyn Manson's cover version is also rather freaking awesome!

Next up we have Werewolves of London by Warren Zevon. The lyrics to this classic are second to none and you get to howl like a werewolf as you sing along, making it an essential song in any Halloween playlist.

Time to shift to something a little darker with the haunting Bela Lugosi's dead by Bauhaus. This atmospheric song is a goth classic that pays tribute to the 1930s horror star whose portrayal of Dracula ensured his immortality.

For something a bit more extreme and to satisfy the metalheads we've included Cradle Of Filth's From The Cradle To Enslave. Not only do these boys look the part but they sound like the soundtrack to your nightmares too!

For a classic that everyone will know we suggest the theme from Ghostbusters by Ray Parker Jr, this little beauty should inject some fun into proceedings and fill the dancefloor.

A Halloween playlist could probably quite easily contain a dozen songs by Rob Zombie, Dragula is a definite inclusion for us.

Rob Zombie wasn't even born when Bobby Pickett & The Cryptkickers recorded our next offering, The Monster Mash. It's quite a bizarre novelty single, but somehow it seems to stand the test of time because we all want to jive to it this time of year!

This next song isn't really anything to do with monsters, ghouls or ghosts, however it still fits in nicely and works as a Halloween tune. We're talking about Ghost Town by The Specials, which is full of doom, gloom and atmosphere.

When Iron Maiden released The Number Of The Beast in the 1980s it caused quite a stir with its Satanic references and imagery. We've all moved on a bit now and doesn't seem quite so horrific in this day and age. It's still a heavy metal classic with perfect lyrics for Halloween.

One of the few Michael Jackson songs that is vaguely bearable has wormed its way into our playlist, Thriller has become a bit of a Halloween classic, probably due to the dancing zombie filled video.

The 10 songs above have really only scratched the surface so have a listen to our full Spotify playlist for a whole load more dark and creepy songs from the likes of Alice Cooper, The Sisters Of Mercy, The Damned, Horrorpops, The Misfits, Black Sabbath and a whole host more. Don't forget to comment with your suggestions of Halloween music we may have missed!

Happy Halloween!

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