It's been a crazy few weeks!

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It's been a crazy few weeks!

Since coming up with the idea we have been busy working away at building the site and generating interest (as well as juggling everything else life throws at us!). Stay with us as our journey into the alternative wedding community is only just beginning.

However we are here, at the first version of the site. Initially we have concentrated on getting a directory up and running of independent UK businesses who can add that extra special something to your big day, but this is only the start.

We have been overwhelmed by the response so far, to the point that we seem to be getting that tingly-fizzy feeling almost daily. A big thanks to everyone who has got in touch and in particular the guys and gals running these incredible wedding businesses.

Our first featured business has arrived, so many thanks to Tracey at the Black Cherry Cake Company for giving us some of your time. You can read more about the Black Cherry Cake Company here. We will be featuring an independent UK wedding business on the site every month, so if you are in our directory and have a few minutes to answer some questions then please get in touch.

As for the team, we will eventually create a page about us, but as a starting point this is how our time has shaped up:

I've been knee deep in code, using every spare minute I get to build the site. It's been kind of a busman's holiday as this is what I do for a living, but I've really enjoyed seeing something out of work starting to take shape.

Joe has been extremely busy working the social circles, drumming up interest and liaising with everyone. If you do get in touch, then he will be the one fielding your questions. He has done an amazing job, but don't tell him I said that…

Katy has been putting her grammar fairy skills to good use ensuring anything we put on the site is better than first school english (what I normally writes like). As our resident craft expert I'm sure there will be more to come from her in the near future.

Lisa has been the supportive other, putting up with our constant return to talking about Misfit Wedding in pub conversation. However I'm sure it won't be long until she unleashes her true talent on everyone. As to what that is, I'll keep you in suspense for now…

We have loads more to do, but if there is anything you think we can do to build this alternative wedding community further, or if you are planning your wedding, then please get in touch. We love hearing from people!

Onwards and upwards,

Misfit Wedding

Published 01 August 2014

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