Spooky Halloween Wedding Cakes

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Halloween is very nearly upon us so it seems like a good time to feast our eyes on some jaw-dropping and mouth-watering cakes fit for any Halloween wedding.

Traditional white wedding cakes are far too boring for a misfit wedding, so we encourage you to let your personalities shine through with your choice of cake.

Tracey at Black Cherry Cake Company is one of our favourite cake makers, here are some examples of the kind of cakes she can supply you with for your big day.

Nightmare Before Christmas wedding cake by Black Cherry Cake Company

The Nightmare Before Christmas Halloween Wedding Cake

Creepy cake from Black Cherry Cake Company

This creepy cake even lights up!

Horror film cake by Black Cherry Cake Company

This cake features a mash-up of elements from horror classics like Hellraiser and Gremlins!

Bride of Chucky cake from Black Cherry Cake Company

Another horror film homage, with Chucky and his bride sitting on top of a blood soaked white tiered cake.

Frankenweenie cake by Black Cherry Cake Company

Tim Burton fans and dog lovers will enjoy this Frankenweenie cake.

Happy Halloween! Rocky Horror Picture Show cake by Black Cherry Cake Company

Frank N Furter from The Rocky Horror Picture Show kicking ass!

And for our final offering from Black Cherry Cake Company we have this dramatic collision between goth and gamer.

Tim Burton meets Super Mario cake made by Black Cherry Cake Company

Tim Burton meets Super Mario cake.

"So this amazing bride and groom loved both Nightmare Before Christmas and Mario and didnt know which to choose. Why choose when you can have both!?! I love it when a couple just gives me free reign with design and lets me run with crazy ideas haha."

Mario and Peach..... or is it Jack and Sally?! Cake by Black Cherry Cake Company

Mario and Peach..... or is it Jack and Sally?!

"Mario and Peach as Jack and Sally, Oogie Boogie as Yoshi, Lock, Shock and Barrel as Shy Guys and some spooky Mario characters - Boo Ghosts, Dry Bones and dark Piranha plants.

The mario landscape even features spiral hill around the back and the brides favourite - Zero."

Amazing! Now onto our next cake artist who we stumbled up on Facebook one day when we saw one of their cakes on the Penny Dreadful Cake Collaboration page.

The artist in question is Tamara at Sweetlake Cakes and this gorgeously Gothic creation is called Vanessa:

Here are a few more dark and delicious cakes cooked up by the crazy-talented Tamara...

Gothic shoe cake by Sweetlake Cakes

A shoe on a cake has never looked so magnificent!

Gothic wedding cake by Sweetlake Cakes

Slice of Gothic heaven anyone?

Gothic wedding cake by Sweetlake Cakes

We can't even begin to imagine how you make a cake look like a full Gothic outfit!?

Black cake with top hat by Sweetlake Cakes

Love the touch of the little black hat perched on top.

Another cake that caught our eye was inspired by Francis Ford Coppola's film adaptation of Bram Stoker's Dracula, here it is, made by Fancy Favours & Edible Art.

Dracula inspired cake by Fancy Favours & Edible Art

Anyone familiar with Bram Stoker's Dracula (1992) will recognise elements of the film in this cake.

It's time to pay a visit to Conjurer's Kitchen for our next selection of macabre masterpieces. Some of these don't look like they could be edible, but they are! The detail is insane.

Skulls wedding cake by Conjurer's Kitchen

Believe it or not this cake was a rush job, started a few days before the wedding!

Creepy cake from Conjurer's Kitchen

The frightfully elaborate 'Bride Of Hannibal' cake.

Anotomical edible art by Conjurer's Kitchen

In case you were wondering what's really inside a Conjurer's kitchen cake!

Steampunk Plague Doctor cake by Conjurer's Kitchen

The striking 'Plague Doctor Gas Mask' Steampunk cake.

Tentacled Skull cake by Conjurer's Kitchen

This chocolate skull with cake tentacles lights up so that the eye sockets glow!

Lovecraft inspired cake by Conjurers Kitchen

HP Lovecraft inspired cake featuring chocolate Cthulu skull and red velvet cake Necronomicon.

Wedding skull edible art by Conjurer's Kitchen

Chocolate skull perfect for a Halloween wedding.

Tattooed Bakers are another company who aren't afraid to try something different, they're always making weird and wonderful tastebud ticklers, like these terrifying treats!

Eyeballs on toast from the Tattooed Bakers

In addition to your cake you could always serve some scary snacks.

Creepy cat cake by Tattooed Bakers

Quite possibly the creepiest cake here!

Maleficent cake by Tattooed Bakers

This Maleficent cake looks terrifyingly tasty.

Colourful skull cake from Tattoeed Bakers

This colourful skull cake has got a carnival feel to it, but it wouldn't look out of place at a Halloween wedding.

For something a little simpler but equally as effective, French Made make beautiful black wedding cakes which look absolutely scrumptious!

Black wedding cake by French Made

You can't tell us that doesn't look equally as yummy as any white wedding cake.

Bride with black wedding cake made by French Made

The black wedding cake works so well in a woodland surrounding.

We should probably leave it there before we send your brains into meltdown from this overload of Halloween cake porn!

If you've already got your cake sorted, make sure you've got a killer cake topper to go with it!

Let us know which cake's your favourite before you go :)

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