Top 10 Wedding Shoes Ideas for a Geek / Gamer Bride

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Every bride knows that when it comes to wedding shoes, everything goes out the windows except for style. For a geek/gamer bride this is the perfect opportunity to stamp your personality on your outfit. In this blog post we take a whistle stop tour though a few ideas us Misfits have found which may just give you that 'level up' on your main boss fight.

On the day when you make your 'alliance' then why not wear your own faction. These Horde shoes will sparkle and look cute for the layman, but we will know the real struggle of the Hordes...

What better parallel for a relationship than trusty old Pac-Man? All he is trying to do is keep his maze clean and organised, whilst the ghosts (Mother-in-law?) are just trying to get involved and hamper you. Fight back with these custom made Pac-Man heels.

Holy wedding, Robin. Quick, fetch the bat-shoes. These decoupage heels will keep your wedding day fashion crime free.

Everybody says your wedding day will fly by, and it's true! Inject a little bit of the Time Lord into your get-up to try and hold on to those memories. Just watch our for the Weeping Angels...

"Hera, give me shoes!". As much as your partner would like you to wear the whole Wonder Woman outfit, maybe that's not quite appropriate on your wedding day. These will keep your super powers close by.

It's matrimony Jim, but not as we know it. Us Misfits are geeks, nerds, trekkies and just generally have a different idea of our perfect day. We want a partner to Klingon to. We are enterprising and all we want to do is live long and prosper. Enough puns....SHOES!

Is there a better love story than Mario? Just a simple plumber who falls for a princess who repeatedly gets captured by the King of the Koopas. He is willing to break blocks with his head, climb through sewers and jump on the heads of baddies just to get her back. These shoes will give you a massive 1-up, now where did I put that wing-cap...

Bring a little bit of Han into your day, every Star Wars fan has used this immortal line to their significant other (just ask my wife!). Just don't shoot first....

"It's dangerous to go alone! Take this". Now you have your sword, a decent pair of kicks are in order.

If you already have your shoes but still want a little gamer geek involved, then these decals are for you. Simply apply them to your soles and show everyone the score!

Published 20 August 2015

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