About Download Festival

Heading to Download Festival for a stag do or hen night is a fantastic alternative to a more traditional night out on the town. This way you get your night out (or three or five nights out if you're doing it properly), drinking with your mates but you also get to be entertained by some of the biggest and best bands on the planet! And when you're not getting into the live music there's lots of other stuff to keep you entertained like fairground rides, pro wrestling, film screenings and various other things to sink your teeth into. 

The mornings are for bonding on the campsite and swapping stories over your breakfast barbecue before cracking open a cider and heading back into the arena for some more top tunes.

Even if there are members of your group who aren't metalheads or rock fans, it's pretty hard not to have fun at this festival, plus you never know they may come away with their eyes and ears opened to some new music!

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