About Horrify Me

Horrify Me is a multi award-winning photographic studio that specialises in highly creative portraits based on themes of horror and gore. We also shoot sexy and intimate boudoir, but it often involves wearing fangs and using fake blood. Our work has been published worldwide consistently over the past few years and we have attracted a fantastic "cult" following for our unique style and no-holds-barred horror.

Our wedding shoots are not done on the day of your union, but later by appointment in our Kent-based studio. A horror wedding shoot is a great way to trash a nice dress (some buy cheap Ebay dresses for these shoots). You can do the shoot solo as a horrific bride or as a bride and groom couple. Our shoots allow you to stab and kill each other in brutal fashion, or become vampires or zombies. These wedding photos are about as alternative as it gets and the creative process is wild messy fun!

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