A Very Etsy Wedding

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A misfit always knows what they want and that is usually something completely different from 'the norm'. Over our time of running Misfit Wedding, we have seen a lot of different, alternative and bespoke items on Etsy, to the point that it has become a very valuable resource when designing a misfit wedding!

For those who haven't checked out Etsy, it is a market place for people to sell hand made items, but the main beauty is that a lot of sellers on Etsy will also offer items which you can then customise further yourself. This opens up a whole new set of options for your big day. Etsy also has its very own section dedicated to weddings!

We at Misfit HQ have lovingly taken the time to give you some ideas of what you can find from sellers on Etsy and the sort of items which can be customised at your request.

It all starts with the invites

Your invitations are the first time your guests will see just what you have in store, so getting the right invites to set the tone of your wedding is one of the fundamental planning aspects. Etsy has hundreds of sellers offering designs from contemporary to just... well... plain weird. One of the sellers who we like are Be Our Guest Designs. They specialise in bespoke wedding stationery, to the point they have coined the phrase 'wedding paper awesome'. From Vinyl CD Wedding Invitations to Vintage Travel Themed Invitations, Be Our Guest Designs can certainly tell your guests what to expect!

They can also create 'Save the Date' magnets too which can match your wedding stationery.

Another Etsy seller we love is Love Me Do Designs. They deal with sci-fi, comic, retro and anything generally quirky and unique. All of their designs can be customised to suit your colours and occasion, but they also offer a complete custom design service.

The most important dress you'll buy!

Every bride (and Groom!) can't wait to see the dress; this always has and always will be the single most talked about point at a wedding. But for misfits the typical ivory meringue isn't always the obvious choice. Again Etsy to the rescue!

English corsetiere Lyndsey Clark Boutique can certainly give you a dress which will get tongues wagging. From burlesque to steampunk, Lyndsey Clark Boutique create some of the best corsetry Misfit HQ has ever seen. Everything is made to order and tailored completely for you, and also using recycled materials wherever appropriate.

Another Misfit favorite is Oshun Creations. They create handmade clothing inspired by fairytales, steampunk and a bohemian spirit. If you are going for woodland fairytale, medieval or anything at all fantasy then Oshun Creation has something for you! How about rocking up in this Fairytale book dress?

You don't have to throw the bouquet

A bouquet has to have flowers, right? Wrong! I Heart Buttons can create you bespoke bouquets and buttonholes made from buttons and jewellery to match your wedding colours. They welcome your ideas and can also incorporate any buttons or brooches which have sentimental value into your bouquet!

If buttons aren't for you, how about paper? And what if that paper was pages taken from your favorite book? Jackdaw Decor can do just that for you!

Or if rockabilly and tattoos is your theme, then RubyDoodles Jewellery will certainly have something for you. They can take any of their items and tailor it to match your wildest dreams.

You know I'm all about the shoes...

Whether it is a comfy pair of flats, or an outrageous pair of heels, then you can find something on Etsy for you.

Misfit shoe-legends The Elusive Rabbit create awesome shoes for many themes from superhero to fairytale. Cheryl is also more than happy to create something completely unique and unusual for you.

Also on Etsy (as well as our directory) is Art & Sole Shoes. Leanne specialises in custom shoes (as well as bags and accessories if you wanted to get your outfit co-ordinated) and she can work with you to get your perfect pair. Who am I kidding, PAIRS...

With this ring, I ROCK

Now be honest, did you think that you can get some amazing rings from Etsy? Of course you can. Look no further than HCS Metalsmiths. They specialise in unique and rustic designs, and also have an engraving service available so you can add that extra touch to your permanent reminder of your vows. All of their items are handmade and made to order. How much more unique can you get?

Spiffing Jewellery specialise in film, TV and general geekery when it comes to jewellery. If the force is strong with you, then these Han & Leia bands may just prevent you crossing over to the dark side (unless of course it is too late...).

Accessorise (not just the bride!)

Accessories are the finishing touches. The things that tie the bride's outfit to her bridesmaids, the groom to...well...the bride.

But it isn't just about things like choosing the right earrings:

Etsy has a range of accessories from the conventional to the, well, obscure and macabre (although we think cool!):

But it isn't just for the girls. Men need to accessorise too. How about these steampunk cufflinks for the groom's party by steampunk jeweller Jamlincrow?

As you can see, Etsy caters for a wide range of styles and taste for misfits, and could even give you some more ideas if you are just searching for inspiration! Why not hop on over to Etsy and have a browse around!

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