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Having flowers at your wedding may be a tradition you don’t want to break away from. 

But flowers don’t have to be pretty or boring, they don’t even have to be flowers!

Charlie Wedding Designs
United Kingdom
Designs for the alternative wedding. Gothic, Steampunk, Rockabilly or Vintage.
Gothic Wedding Angel
United Kingdom
From the strange to the freakish to the weird and wonderful!
I Heart Buttons
United Kingdom
It’s your special day. It’s your bouquet. Let us make it perfect!
Maddison Rocks
United Kingdom
Whimsical floral sculpture.
Paper Bouquets
United Kingdom
Fun and affordable paper bouquets made in the UK.
Paper Jackdaw
United Kingdom
Unique, bespoke paper bridal flowers.
Rock 'N' Custom Designs
United Kingdom
Alternative bridal flowers and accessories
Fulfilling your wildest dreams & floral fantasies to create wedding flowers as unique as you are!
RubyDoodles Jewellery
United Kingdom
Rockabilly, vintage and unusual jewellery, bouquets & accessories.