About Jacqueline & Edward

Jacqueline & Edward jewellery is hand crafted using eco-friendly, recycled precious metals. Owner, and environmentalist, Mark also pans for Gold and Silver in rivers across the UK and incorporates it into his jewellery.

If an area of the UK has a special place in your heart, then it may be possible for Mark to use Gold or Silver from that region, which could add an extra depth of meaning to your finished wedding rings. Oh, and another satisfying thought for you, if you order two wedding rings they will be made from the same bead of molten metal, which gives the wearers of the rings that extra connection. Beautiful stuff!

To be honest, the whole process undertaken by Jacqueline & Edward is pretty fascinating, from prospecting for Gold through to the the finished product. If you're especially interested then you can even spend a weekend learning all about gold panning and prospecting for some of the gold to be used in your pieces of jewellery.

Custom orders are welcome, so go and kick some ideas around with Mark!


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