Here's where you'll find unique and unusual wedding and engagement rings to compliment your alternative wedding day!

Abi M Jewelry

Abi M Jewelry Israel

Touch a piece of art.

Alien Forms - Sci-fi geek jewelry art.

Alien Forms Israel

Sci-fi geek jewellery art.

Alludio Jewellery

Alludio United Kingdom

Contemporary jewellery by Claudia Schmidek

Art Masters Jewelry

Art Masters Jewelry United States of America

Designer engagement and wedding rings.

Blue Bayer Design Studio

Blue Bayer Design Studio United States of America

Original Gothic & Steampunk jewellery and accessories.

C9T Tungsten

C9T Tungsten United States of America

Together forever through time and space.

Callirrhoe Jewellery

Callirrhoe Jewellery United Kingdom

Elegantly rustic jewellery.

Coffin Gems United States of America

Where beauty meets darkness...

Cool Natural Jewelry - wooden wedding rings

cool Natural Jewelry Bulgaria

Handmade wooden wedding rings.

Craftella Devil ringboxes

Craftella DeVil United Kingdom

Luxury wedding ring boxes - The DeVil is in the detail!

CrazyAss Jewelry Designs

CrazyAss Jewelry Designs United States of America

Unique handmade wedding bands and engagement rings.

DeMer Jewelry

DeMer Jewelry United States of America

Elegant. Daring. Unapologetic.

DINAR Jewelry Design

DINAR Jewelry Design Israel

Original designs, handmade with love.


Dogstone United Kingdom

A luxury lifestyle brand for those who live life on the edge!

Doron Merav

Doron Merav Israel

Unique designs, influenced by architecture and nature.

Light Saber Ring

Earth Art Gem & Jewelry United States of America

One of a kind jewelry for a one of a kind you.


Firewhite United Kingdom

Handcrafted eco-friendly Silver and Gold jewellery.

Gato Jewel Steampunk Rings

Gato Jewel Ukraine

Steampunk wedding rings and jewellery.

Gilleri Jewellery

Gilleri Israel

Contemporary unique wedding ring designs.

Huiyi Tan

Huiyi Tan United Kingdom

Designer jewellery, handmade in England.

Jacqueline and Edward

Jacqueline & Edward United Kingdom

Hand crafted wedding jewellery respectfully sourced from nature.


Kipkalinka Germany

Fine Skull Jewellery

Moon Raven

Moon Raven Canada

Jewellery with an edge... inspired by nature.

Paul Michael Design

Paul Michael Design United States of America

Custom made rings for geeks!

Pebble Beach Treasures

Pebble Beach Treasures United States of America

Geek and Custom Tungsten Rings

Rustic For Men

RusticForMen United States of America

Tradition is not for everyone

Swank Metalsmithing

Swank Metalsmithing United States of America

Unusual ring designs, from Steampunk to the phases of the moon.

Terraschains - alternative wedding rings

TerrasChains Ukraine

Viking and nature inspired alternative wedding rings.

The Flying Squadron

The Flying Squadron United Kingdom

Spectacular wedding ring delivery and entertainment.

Black Silver Studios

The Rustic Ringmaker United Kingdom

Distinct hand crafted wedding rings

Urbano Rodriguez - geek and gamer ring boxes.

Urbano Rodriguez Brazil

3D printed geek and gamer ring boxes.

Van Buskirk Jewellery

Van Buskirk Jewellery United Kingdom

Bespoke wedding and engagement jewellery.