About The Flying Squadron

The Flying Squadron are a falconry group based in West Yorkshire (but willing to travel) who can add rather a memorable and spectacular flourish to your wedding ceremony by having an owl deliver your wedding rings. The magnificent bird can even fly over the heads of the congregation right up to to the bride and groom!

They also offer the opportunity for the bride and groom to have photographs taken with the owl and give a flying display for the rest of the guests as a bit of pre-wedding entertainment. They can work indoors or outdoors, even in the dark, and their handler is happy to wear a colour themed outift or even a themed costume such as Harry Potter, Steampunk or Gothic.

The Flying Squadron also have a Huskey cross dog which can also deliver rings, maybe as part of a Game Of Thrones themed wedding!

Take a look at their Facebook page (by clicking the button above) for lots more photos and information.

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