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Alien Forms

Misfit of the Month August 2018

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We have delved around in our directory of alternative wedding suppliers and plucked out Alien Forms to feature as our Misfit of the Month! If you enjoy a large helping of Sci-Fi with a side order of Geek, get your visual organs around these remarkable rings...

Can you please introduce yourself?

My name is Omer, i live in Israel and I'm a professional jewelry designer and digital artist, I own and manage my Etsy shop called Alien Forms Jewelry.

How long have you been doing this, where did it all begin?

Almost 20 years ago I had the opportunity to start working as a 3D designer for a reknown fine jewelery brand in my country where I learned the art and craft of jewelry. The work was oriented towards mainstream customers which was quite mundane... I'm a sci-fi geek / gamer and I had the dream of creating my own jewelry line inspired by my favorite geeky themes, so I decided to do it and open my own shop.

What sort of items can people buy from Alien Forms?

They will find a variety of wedding and engagement rings made to order from my personal design collection, they can also commission a custom made ring inspired by their favorite character/movie/story, as a digital artist I can also commission personalized art to compliment the jewelry design.

Which of your styles/designs are most popular at the moment?

I guess mostly anything black plated, could be geeky or film inspired but the preferred look is black.

Do you have a favourite style/material/design?

My favorite material is black silver of course :) and as a big sci fi geek I guess mostly the futuristic designs are my thing.

Are there any subcultures or wedding themes you feel your work is particularly suited to?

My work is oriented mainly towards the geek/gamer and science lovers.

Without giving away your secrets, can you tell us a bit about your work process?

Each work starts as a sketch in 2D, then finalizing the design in 3D and from there I print the design in 3D and cast it in the required material, then I work with traditional tools such as Goldsmithing and stonesetting until completion.

Do you take custom orders? If so, what sort of customisations can be requested?

I do custom orders, what I can customize is the design and material types and also do personalized laser engravings.

What do you enjoy most about what you do?

I would say making up new designs and then transforming them into promotional art, that's the most creative part of the whole process.

I also enjoy working with my clients which is the more personal side of the work that connects everything together.

Can you talk us through what you feel makes Alien Forms stand out from the crowd?

My love for sci-fi expressed through jewelry can be a refreshing take on the world of wedding rings and provide a unique aesthetic for the new geek generation. Coming from a visual arts background, I bring about a non-traditional take on the concept of what jewelry should look like.

What can customers expect from you and your work?

A personal, attentive and professional service along with quality production standards.

Thanks for telling us all about you and your beautiful and unusual rings!
You have some fantastic designs and we look forward to seeing more killer designs from you in the future :)

Minimalist Wave Geek Wedding Ring from Alien Forms | Misfit Wedding

Find loads more designs in the Alien Forms Jewelry Shop!

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