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Alice Corsets

Misfit of the Month March 2017

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We have chosen Alice Corsets as our Misfit of the Month for February! It has been pretty hard work narrowing down the photos to use in this feature from the amazing collection of images available, so when you have finished reading, you should definitely go look at Alice Corsets' other work, it'll knock your socks off!

Alternative clothing from Alice Corsets | Misfit Wedding

Photo: Galina Aster

Can you please introduce yourself and tell us where you’re from and what you do?

I’m a designer and corsetmaker from Kiev, Ukraine. I create gowns and dresses for alternative weddings, gothic events (like the biggest in the world, Wave Gotik Treffen festival, for example), historical and costume balls.

I was born into an artistic family which in a certain way predicted my profession in the future, leaving me no other chances.

When I was studying at university my favourite subjects were history of fashion, constructing of clothes and theatrical costumes. At the same time I was learning to sew everything, including corsets.


Steampunk outfit by Alice Corsets | Misfit Wedding

Photo: Marina Nosova

How long have you been doing this, where did it all begin?

In 2006 I first posted the pictures of my works on the Internet and started to receive feedback and orders, that’s how I got my first clients, some of whom I still work with and have even become friends with.

Since then I have changed my style of working several times. I created historical gowns, different types of corsets, gothic clothes (casual and for special occasions) and dresses inspired by 50s and rockabilly fashion.

Historical design corset from Alice Corsets | Misfit Wedding

Photo: Lena Berkas

What inspires your work?

During 10 years of experiments I was learning to understand what was my real passion and what I like to do more than anything else and that is how I came up to Haute Goth style in fashion. I admire dark aesthetic and decadence which is close to my inner understanding of beauty.

The distinctive features of my dresses and corsets I found in mixing modern cut with the elements of historical fashion. I prefer to use feathers and skulls, various occult and magical symbols (like in my Night Goddess dress)

Night Goddess dress from Alice Corsets | Misfit Wedding

Photo: Lena Berkas

In my last project, which was called "Bleeding Swan", I was trying to create the effect of dropping blood with crystal beads of bloody red color. Haute couture inspires me a lot, I’m a big fan of Alexander McQueen brand. The art of the Pre-Raphaelites, fantasy movies, vampire theme and period dramas are a huge inspiration for me too.

Bleeding Swan gown from Alice Corsets | Misfit Wedding

Photo: Lena Berkas

Can you tell us a bit about your work process?

Usually I receive orders from my customers via email or my Etsy shop. We discuss the actual design of the dress, exchange some pictures, set the budget and the date when I can start the work. Because I have a lot of orders any new one I have to put in the waiting list, which can be anywhere from two to six months. During that time I choose fitting fabrics and other materials for work. Usually I ask for measurements right before we start the sewing.

Red gothic wedding dress from Alice Corsets | Misfit Wedding

Photo: Lena Berkas

Which or your items/styles are most popular?

The majority of my customers are brides and the Victorian gowns I make are somehow very popular among them.

My clients are also able to order a bustle cage, a petticoat and a corset if necessary for such a dress. Black and dark red are the most popular colours, but sometimes I'm asked to make purple or green ones.

Green bridal gown by Alice Corsets | Misfit Wedding

Photo: Marina Nosova

Do you have a favourite piece?

Just about a month ago I shared a photo of my new Night Goddess wedding dress. Very quickly it spread all over the Internet and became extremely popular. I have no words to express how happy I am because of that, as it is my favourite of my creations.

Night Goddess blue bridal gown from Alice Corsets | Misfit Wedding

What makes Alice Corsets stand out from the crowd?

I think that I managed to develop my own recognisable style, which has become my trademark and maybe even brand, if you wish.

Sometimes I get letters from girls who want to order the dress for a wedding, prom, or the festival and who say they absolutely trust my taste and I can create a dress based purely on my vision and taste. The most beautiful thing in my work is to know the fact that my client trusts me completely.

Lilac corset dress by Alice Corsets | Misfit Wedding

Photo: Katherine Chulkova

I take orders not only for my existing dress designs but I can also embody the wishes of the customer in a new unique design. Moreover, I guarantee high quality, precise work and attention to details.

Alternative wedding dress from Alice Corsets | Misfit Wedding

Photo: Galina Aster

Do you have any tips or advice for brides planning an alternative wedding?

First of all I would like to advise future brides to start the search of a designer for their wedding dress as soon as possible. There are not to many of designers who create alternative wedding dresses and usually they are booked for a few months ahead. It is very important to have the agreement and to get your dress on time.

Purple wedding dress from Alice Corsets | Misfit Wedding

Photo: Marina Nosova

And most importantly, don’t be afraid of your desires and make your wedding the wedding of YOUR dreams. That is your day, and it will forever remain in your memory. Also, I am sure that many couples will want to repeat the tradition on their every anniversary.

Unique dress for an alternative bride, by Alice Corsets | Misfit Wedding

Photo: Lena Berkas

I am very pleased that more and more people spend their wedding ceremony in the non-traditional themes and brides bring colours in their dresses, that there are such interesting and useful pages online where the couples can find a lot of useful information, and designers can present themselves and their artworks. I’m happy to be involved in such projects!

Red and black wedding outfit from Alice Corsets | Misfit Wedding

Photo: Knochensaege Photodesign

Is there anything else you would like to add?

I also would like to mention my dear friends and partners at MyWitchery who often help me to create complete image of my gown with their headpieces. Katrin (one of MyWitchery owners and designers) has been a friend of mine for a long time now, and we have created a lot of dresses together for her. Moreover she has very often been a model for photo-shoots featuring my dresses. (Katrin's Facebook page)

Alternative gothic clothing from Alice Corsets | Misfit Wedding

Photo: Veronica Anrathi

When she asked me to create her wedding dress I was very honoured. She wanted a gothic gown but still elegant and precious. We were thinking of the black color for the dress from the beginning but when we saw the pale pink fabric we understood that was what we were looking for. I think we did the great job and we both are happy with the result.

Wow! Breathtaking stuff! Thanks for talking to us :)

Hit the link above to see more photos of Katrin's Black and pale pink dress, it is pretty damn gorgeous!

You can also find some black wedding dress designs from Alice Corsets in our Black Wedding Dresses for Alternative Brides article on the blog.

Photographer Links:

Galina Aster

Marina Nosova

Lena Berkas

Katherine Chulkova

Knochensaege Photodesign

Veronica Anrathi

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