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Skull Wedding & Engagement Rings

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A skull wedding ring not only looks dead cool, it also lets people know what a macabre soul you really are. If you're searching for a suitably gothic engagement ring or a beautiful wedding band of skulls, wrap your eye sockets around these dark offerings.

Skull rings by KIPKALINKA | Misfit Wedding

First up, let's take a look at some beautiful skull rings from a new addition to our alternative wedding suppliers directory, KIPKALINKA

His and hers skull wedding rings from KIPKALINKA | Misfit Wedding

Create a his and hers set with this groom's skull wedding band

Our friends over at Alien Forms have an unusual selection of rings which incorporate skulls, from pretty and floral to full on Terminator inspired.

Fans of German designer Thomas Sabo will be pleased to see some skull designs in amongst his collections.

Let's get chunky for a minute with some bold offerings from Finland's Komeet Jewelry.

Sterling Silver ram's skull ring from Komeet Jewelry | Misfit Wedding

You don't have to have a human skull - Horned Ram Skull Ring

The next works of art are from Nataly Avirame, how cute are these little open cuff rings...

Now then, we've seen this engagement ring from DeMer Jewelry before, but it's so Goddamn special it's definitely worth seeing again...

And some more creations from DeMer...

This cute little bright-eyed ring comes from London based Stephen Einhorn

We couldn't resist including this groovy little character from JEULIA on Amazon

Here's a nifty design from Earth Art Gem & Jewelry, in the form of an adjustable double skull ring.

Some other options from this California based designer...

For under 50 quid you can pick up this engagement and wedding ring set from Rickson Jewellery

From the same artist we have this mens wedding band...

A whole range of unusual skull rings can be found on the Until Death Inc website, here are a few examples to get you started.

For something super subtle how about this cute asymmetric design from Shine Swap Custom Rings

Here's a little selction from New York's By Grace Jewels

Men's skulls and celtic knots wide wedding band from By Grace Jewels | Misfit Wedding

Skulls and Celtic Knots Extra Wide Wedding Bandhttps://www.etsy.com/listing/279726214

For something a bit more rustic with a gorgeous handmade finish we're quite taken with these very reasonably priced rotating rings from Johnnie Rocker

These intersecting raven skulls are pretty cool too...

And a nice Viking inspired piece, as a final example of Johnnie's work.

Memento Mori fans should take a look at the Modest Birdy shop

If you've got your own vision for how you want your wedding ring to look, Custom Made is an interesting website worth checking out. You can discuss ideas and be a part of the design process so you can have a completely unique ring made just for you, with the cosy feeling that you contributed to bringing it to life.

For that sugar skull, Day of the Dead vibe Ya Jewelry have a few options...

At the other end of the mood scale we have these deliciously dark offerings from Precious Metal Design

Skulls and bones gothic black engagement ring from PMD | Misfit Wedding

Double Skull and Bones Black Engagement Ring

Blue Bayer Design NYC have some cute little bird skull rings...

The Devil's in the details with these statement rings from My Sacrum

There's something really appealing about this gorgeous handmade realistic skull ring from Silverzone77

For large stones you might like to consider something from Silveralexa

Our pals over at Art Masters have a whole range of ring designs which incorporate skulls.

We'll wrap things up with these tasty looking raven skull rings from Goth Rider

Catch you next time, you gorgeous devils!

Skull statement ring carved from a pearl from Vemeer Jewelry | Misfit Wedding

Skull hand carved from a freshwater pearl! From Vermeer Jewelry

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